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Are the UP and Bihar politicians at fault? February 14, 2008

Posted by desihelpline in Politics.

The booting of UPites and Biharis from Maharashtra shows the weakness of the political machinery in the state and the centre. Democracy in India has become a joke. But, this unwelcome incident raises a very crucial question, Who is at fault?
The Maharastrians, I think NOT. I firmly believe that it is people like Mayawati, Laloo Prasad and their past CM’s who should be solely held responsible for the plight of their states and their people.

For all practical purposes GOONDA RAJ is the law in these states. Why call names to Raj Thackrey? Atleast he stood for his men, Atleast he is concerned. I don’t justify what he did, BUT isn’t he still better than the Politicians in UP and Bihar.

Niether UP nor Bihar, can provide safe and conducive environment for private venture to grow and flourish. Nor does their exist any Private sector industries. SO, what will the common man do? Its time UPites and Biharis take their own CM’s to task and ask them whats in future for their own state? The mass exodus should stop. The only way to do this is to provide infrastructure, maintain law and order, encourage private enterprise.



1. Suyojit Rao - February 14, 2008

Who ever is at fault, what happened was shameful. As an Indian one should be allowed to work and live anywhere in India.

2. Ratna Thakur - February 14, 2008

I agree.u cant further divide India and restrict people’s movements based on language,religion etc.What if the rest of the states start sending back people to their homestates,the whole definition of country is being lost here.Instead of prmoting progress and outward thinking these politicians only cause common people to look back and impede progress and growth. I agree that the politicans in UP and Bihar are at fault for not developing their states by common man cant be made to suffer for that.

3. Sam - February 15, 2008

One cannot only blame to UP and Bihar politicians. Majorily it is because of geographical location issues People who leave in Mumbai slums are not from UP or Bihar cities but they are majorily from areas where there are geographical barriers for development. But this has to be understood by Maharashtra people. If you go in Hyderabad and see you will find many Maharstrians from the border are staying in slums and doing all kind of works.

No doubt politics has taken an ugly turn. It will be very easy from now onwards for any person to come in limelight. Hope everyone who has a good following is not so mean.

4. Pramod Salunkhe - February 15, 2008


Even as a Marathi I will not support Raj Thackarey for what he did in Maharashtra. He had taken this step only and only to get some political benefits but I think people in Maharshtra are quite wise to understand the moto of Raj behind this action.
Because this is not a correct way to save your Sanskriti and language. If a Bihari or UPiet can celebrate chat pooja in Mumbai then why the Marathi people cannot save their Sanskriti in their Maharshtra only.

And this is 100% true that evryone has right to go and work anywhere in India, No one can restrict them and these things will only built healthy competition and will be reason for growth of any state.

Raj has only taken this step for his personal growth and nowhere he is thinking about Marathi people infact he is proceeding to stop the growth of state.

Atleast in 21st century, in this new era our politicians should stop playing politics using our emotions for our religion, language and Sanskriti or atleast we should stop supporting them.

Thanks & regards,
Pramod Salunkhe

5. Pramod Salunkhe - February 15, 2008


Sorry to buzz you guys again but I would like to answer the question: who is at fault?

I will say, we common people are at fault. We cannt dare to stand for right and these politicians or Gunda people are taking advantage of that. They are nowhere without us, believe this as this is true.


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