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Who do you think will be better for Indians, Clinton OR Obama? February 18, 2008

Posted by desihelpline in Politics.
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The Clinton’s have been close to India and Indian’s. Their love for India and Indian culture is well known. At large, it may be good for the Indian Community in the US and India as a whole, to see Hillary become the next President.

On the other side, Obama, with his vision, youthfullness and drive for change, may me eager and willing to explore newer avenues of freindship and co-operation with India.

I believe, Obama, may make a better President for the US, BUT Hillary may be better for India.

What do you think?


Are the UP and Bihar politicians at fault? February 14, 2008

Posted by desihelpline in Politics.

The booting of UPites and Biharis from Maharashtra shows the weakness of the political machinery in the state and the centre. Democracy in India has become a joke. But, this unwelcome incident raises a very crucial question, Who is at fault?
The Maharastrians, I think NOT. I firmly believe that it is people like Mayawati, Laloo Prasad and their past CM’s who should be solely held responsible for the plight of their states and their people.

For all practical purposes GOONDA RAJ is the law in these states. Why call names to Raj Thackrey? Atleast he stood for his men, Atleast he is concerned. I don’t justify what he did, BUT isn’t he still better than the Politicians in UP and Bihar.

Niether UP nor Bihar, can provide safe and conducive environment for private venture to grow and flourish. Nor does their exist any Private sector industries. SO, what will the common man do? Its time UPites and Biharis take their own CM’s to task and ask them whats in future for their own state? The mass exodus should stop. The only way to do this is to provide infrastructure, maintain law and order, encourage private enterprise.